Thursday, September 5, 2013


Sold the Show Low property, bought an old travel trailer (to use for guest quarters), loaded it up, and moved to Kino Bay full-time. I'm an Ex-Patriot.


Will NOT be building another casita atop the garage. Turned out that at our age, towing a trailer down here once and DONE was a simpler and less pricey solution. Better to spend it on boat repairs...

May come to regret it during the hot summers here, as summers in Show Low were SO perfect, but I'll just den up in the AC and be crafty. I suppose we could hook up the trailer and tow it somewhere cooler for a couple of months, but I'm not feeling it right now. Going to try to settle into this retired and relax thing.

Been here 4 days, already had a whole day of diarrhea (Pargo Rojo, the shrimp kebabs), have 26 No-See-Um bites, and we're still side-stepping boxes everywhere. The garage is full-to-bursting, will have a yard sale this fall.

When we don't have guests in the trailer (we never have guests) it will be my escape pod for football season and the guys' PlayStation Golf marathons. Craft Central. Amigas with cocktails...

The trailer's a 1993 Aljo, 27 feet, and turned out to be a kind of a lemon. But it's fine for what we need it for.

My rescue cat Luther loves it here. I'm keeping a close eye on him for a while until I'm positive he knows where home is. He still likes to be where I am, follows me back and forth from trailer to casita to garage. And he's taken the upper hand with the puppy Sofia. Luther disappeared for 7 days in Show Low. Came home on his own 8 pounds lighter, scarred, feeble, and sneezing but he's doing great now. By the way, those nail caps really work great if you're committed to saving your leather furniture, but they don't go on quite as easily as their video purports...

Will put up pictures of the casita (with my Show Low furniture) and trailer when we're done unloading. Maybe another month?


  1. Barb and Ron
    you can always come up to minnelips and stay with friends in the summer. you know.

  2. Yes, I believe that's a top option on our list.

  3. Congratulations on your retirement! So glad to hear you are DONE! I hope you really enjoy this wonderful new chapter in your life! Maybe one day we'll be guests but we have our own RV. I'd love to make a stop at Kino Bay on our way to San Carlos. I wouldn't turn down a cocktail with an amiga! I always enjoy your blog. Grace (in Tucson)

  4. Congratulations on being an ex pat and almost settled :)

  5. Retirement is wonderful!. Looking forward to reading your blog. Keep wondering if we would be happy in Mexico.