Monday, August 5, 2013

Need a nice, cool summer vacation home?

Or a nice, warm, winter reverse-snowbird home?

We've been thinking...yeah, I hate when that happens.

Just returned from 10 days in Minnesota. Spent oodles of quality time with some of the grandkids and 2 of the kids, but were unable to see the rest of the family nearly enough. We drove there for granddaughter Lindsay's wedding reception: busy time for them all. Got VERY homesick for child/grandchild contact, so we started discussing whether we should sell the Show Low property and try to buy something similar "Up North" in Minnesota, and just plan to spend June through September there.
But the distance from there to Kino Bay would eliminate any chance of spending time in Kino in the summer, when the Dorado (or Mahi-Mahi) are running, if you get my drift...

So! We thought some more and came up with this:

If we were to sell the Show Low property, and invest that money into making our Kino Bay Mexico property truly perfect, we could stay there all year. Force the kids to come visit.

The Kino place really needs nothing now, (maybe sturdier/more permanent utility lines and A/C) but I'd like ANOTHER casita atop the garage. Just one-room-with-kitchen-and-bath. Here's my rendition of what I'd want:

The garage is about 19 feet by 24 feet. It'll be cosy.

I figure with one of those apartment-size refrigerators under the kitchen counter, it'd be perfect for guests. Or for ME, for those times when Ron and I can't stand each other any more! I'd just move next door...
There's a small overhang outside where that sliding door is located for a narrow deck.

So I listed the Show Low place on Craigslist today to see if I got any bites.

Most people don't know about the Show Low area. It's way up in the White Mountains at 6500 feet elevation, where the valley people go for the summer to escape the heat. Summer temps are rarely over 90. It's thickly forested, and lots of lakes nearby. Winter temps seem to average 30-40, snowfall varies widely, NOTHING even CLOSE to Minnesota winters. Good skiing, I'm told.

 Lots of wildlife viewing. From the sofa, LOL!

WalMart, Home Depot, Lowes, JC Penney, Walgreens and Ross are ALL a few blocks away. Gazillions of restaurants. Antique and Boutique stores, art galleries. Nice hospital. VA clinic. Casino 15 miles away. Only 3 hours from Phoenix or Tucson.

Here are more photos of the mobile home. They only allow 8 photos on Craigslist.

Rear bedroom

Rear bedroom

Second bedroom

Second bedroom

Washer and dryer in bathroom

Living room

Living room and deck

Gas grill attached to outside of elevated deck!

I'll even include the snow shovel and bear spray.

Email any inquires to

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  1. Love your decision, a perfect solution. Good luck with the sale.