Sunday, January 22, 2012

I'm an orphan!

My mother passed away Jan. 18, after 12 years with Alzheimer's disease. Hospice waited to start morphine until I got to see her, and she died the next morning.

I'm staying at my son Jon's house, and a more alive, vibrant household does not exist. I'm listening to them all downstairs watching football, kids playing. Laughter, shouting, cheering, jeering. My ex-husband lives here, too, and I know for a fact that watching sports with his son ranks #1 on his list of Best Moments, perhaps tied with having Nora and Dylan tucked into each armpit watching cartoons.

I'm wearing a macaroni necklace, courtesy of Nora.

Plus, today is Nora's 4th birthday, and we had a delightful day with Ron's daughter Julie, husband Leben, and my grandchildren Ruby and Eli here to help celebrate. Nora wanted a Princess theme, and she got it.

Tutu, wand, tiara, check! Ready for anything!

Delighted birthday girl, listening to us sing the Happy Birthday Song.

Blowing out her candles after shouting "I wish for a DINOSAUR!!!"

Ruby, Nora, Eli, and Dylan.

I finally just had my one and only grief/crying/pity-party-moment, and it's over. (And I was outside, smoking, and my tears froze on my cheeks!) I don't know why my mother couldn't love me, but I did love her.

Tomorrow is the viewing, Tuesday is the funeral. I've heard from friends and family far and wide, and am expecting some terrific reunions over the next few days.  It's colder than bejeesus here in Minnesota, and I'm missing my sunny warm household in Mexico, but am mighty content amid this family of mine. They love me, I adore them, and life is good!