Friday, April 13, 2012

Bits of My New Life. And rambling thoughts. And a rant or two.

Working 50-60 hours a week, hardly ever a day off to do errands or just recuperate. That was NOT in my contract, but I'm mostly holding my tongue, awaiting the promised new staff due soon. Mostly. My Area Manager asked me was I OK with doing this for 6 more weeks, and I told her no, I was furious, and scared I'd get sick. I know I should have said "Sure, whatever you need", but I couldn't.

And it's true, the government takes a whole lot more when you earn a lot of overtime. My take home was 60% of my gross.

First time in my life I paid someone to do my laundry and they lost one whole load. Throw rugs and towels. Including Karen's crocheted-from-sheets rug. Shoulda known: Earl's Laundry.

Had to put gas in my new tiny car today. First time. Trying to like the little booger, but it's hard. Have to turn the lights on and off manually. Can't get the seatback vertical enough, had to get a pillow. SO small and low to the ground, when used to driving that big diesel pickup. No computer, apparently: doesn't tell me what direction I'm going or how my fuel mileage and oil filter are. Couldn't find my car in the WalMart parking lot the other day, thought it was stolen. Who'd steal a no-frills Nissan? It was hiding behind a Jeep. Completely engulfed by a small Jeep.

If you can't figure out what that rhythmic CLICK is, turn the thermostat up so the noisy furnace drowns it out.

I put the awning up all by myself (except forgot to get the stick to hold the end of the strap, so the strap is now inside the rolled-up awning), made the porch light functional again (had one of those Tap Lights stuck up there for a while), and dumped the tanks. I fill water jugs when it's going to freeze, then undo and drain the hoses. I called up the propane company to find out how exactly my big tank gets refilled. Good thing I did. Turns out I'm on Will Call, which means I tell THEM when I need propane. He patiently told me where to find the gauge and how to read it, explained about local temperatures and expected usage, and we decided I was maybe good for the summer, but might want to refill anyway. Generally feeling a bit more confident re: living alone in this RV. Still can't operate the remote control for the TV, though.

I have my TV shows DVR'd because I nod off watching them, but I  fall asleep watching the DVR'd ones, too. Can't get a handle on who's going to win Idol. I thought Joshua or Jessica, but they tried to vote off Jessica last night.

Really enjoying the bird feeder 6 feet away from the window where I'm typing. Finches, sparrows, nuthatches, and huge flocks of these Gray-headed Juncos with the rusty brown backs:

Made a mistake bringing my cat here. It was pure selfishness, and he's miserable. Keeps looking for Ron. I'm paying Mary-The-Cat-Lady to come walk/cuddle him during my long days at work. I've asked Ron to make a weekend road trip and come get him. He has not agreed yet.

I'm drinking, smoking, and eating less, purely from fatigue, but have lost enough weight to need new clothes. Although, since I only seem to wear scrubs and jammies, I don't guess I need to buy clothes any time soon.

Got a new duvet cover for my down comforter. It's cats! Duvets are SO great because you only need the bottom sheet, the cover is much more easily washed than that comforter,  and the bed can be "made" in 5 seconds.

Made an appointment with a family practice physician (a woman) for after my new Blue Cross health insurance takes effect next week. (My VA coverage states I have to be seen in Tucson. ) I have a list for her...

Stole a log from someone's woodpile for a scratchy post for Rocky. He knows those words, scratchy log. Also go for a walk, time to feed the kitty, let's go ni-ni, and no, use your box. This last is when he's scratching up the screen door, 20 degrees outside and blowing sideways.

Here he is right now, napping after his walk:
And right above him is the only crafty thing I've done here so far: a hemp/seashell garland on the slideout header. Makes me homesick.

(Sorry for the photo quality, Ron took my camera and these are from my phone.)

I'll wind this up. Have to go do the water hose thing outside, supposed to snow tonight. God, I miss Kino.