Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Mal de Mer

I get seasick. Even wearing a Scopalomine patch, I get seasick. Even on a day when the sea is flat, I get seasick. I knew all this, and until yesterday have mostly succeeded in avoiding going fishing with Ron on the Sea of Cortez. He wore me down, and I went, just to get it over with. Possibly never again. I hate nausea worse than I hate pain and spiders.

We took our neighbor Jack with us, too. Our boat has had more than its share of mechanical breakdowns this year, and I prefer Ron has a second set of knowledgeable hands on board. Plus I love Jack.

Left home at 5:30 AM, were launched and at Ron's "spot" at Isla Estaban at 7:30 AM. So far so good.

Cap'n Ron


The first hour or so of slow trolling for Yellowtail (tuna) was fine. We were surrounded many times by huge schools of leaping, cavorting Dolphins, SO much fun to watch but difficult to capture with the camera. And I finally learned the difference between a Dolphin and a Porpoise: Dolphins have that curved dorsal fin and a definite beak. Porpoises are smaller, have a triangular fin and a rounded snout, no beak.

See the curved fin?

See the beak?

At 9:00,  Jack hooked and landed a Yellowtail, maybe 10-15 pounds. I had begun to feel a tad queasy at this point, but not too bad. Yet.


Ready to net it.

Nice fish, Jack!

I decided to go lay down in the tiny "cabin" for a while, try to feel better.

Dozed off for over an hour. When I woke up, I felt worse, but apparently the patch was keeping me just shy of actually vomiting. I went to sit in the back of the boat, and suddenly the rod in the holder next to me jumped, whirred, and nearly caused an accident in my pants.

Fish On! At 11:00, Ron landed his Yellowtail, maybe 15-20 or more pounds.

Nice fish, Ron!
There was just one more fish, a small skipjack or bonito or something (which they kept to use for bait for bottom fishing), and I'm feeling worse and worse. Convinced them to cut the day short, and they were both OK with it. Trolled a bit on the way back near Isla Turner, then back on the trailer by 2:15 PM.

It took a while to gas up, wash down the boat and wait for the workers to clean our fish, but just being on land again, I felt a bit better.Was home at 3:30, and my friend Jan had arrived! We had large Gin and Tonics to celebrate, and by bedtime, I felt OK.

Never again.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

This is what it's all about!

Beginning to get used to this retired thing. A few days a week I don't even shower or get dressed. Eat when I'm hungry. TiVo everything and watch them when I want. (I hate that zombie commercial from Sprint that airs 50 times a day.) Beachcomb for treasures on my ATV: found a hand-made slingshot yesterday! And am happily, almost giddily anticipating the arrival of some of my friends this week!

I've kept sort of busy stressing over the responsibility of watering plants for my neighbors. I actually have a brown thumb, no clue whatsoever what plants need, so was thrilled when Al and Sal arrived yesterday, gardeners extraordinaire.

The football season affords me ample crafting time. I go over to the trailer (Craft Central) and create. Made curtains for three trailer windows out of a khaki twin bedsheet. Lots of photos, you can click on them to enlarge for details...

Plus I've been churning out these Jellyfish, made from Sea Urchins.They'll sell at the local craft fairs.

Also have been rearranging furniture. Sold the small futon to Ann G., and decided I wanted the large wicker one in my screen porch. We use that porch a lot because the weather has turned BEAUTIFUL, PERFECT!
Also moved my best finds in years to the porch: two orange wrought iron rocking chairs. Had seen them in a yard in Old Kino, and kept going back there til I found someone home to sell them to me. 300 pesos for both! They're getting a fresh coat of Rustoleum Orange paint when Jan arrives tomorrow with the paint!

The table and chairs were moved out to the RV pad. Eventually there'll be a palm-thatched cover over that and the trailer.

And my new red quilt arrived, looks good in my red and turquoise bedroom.

I love my new casita living room with my Show Low furniture in it. Spend a lot of time moving shit around. Still awfully crowded.

That's not a stain on the carpet, just the nap askew. Have removed the hand-painted "awning" that was over the sofa, hope to put it up over the desk if the hay bale walls will hold it.

Have been attending the Friday night Happy Hours at Club Deportivo, but they're quite a snooze so far. Should improve after some of our neighbors arrive.

Loving life here. My cat Luther follows me around like a shadow, loves going with me on my plant-watering rounds. The dog Sofia discovered she's better off on the sofa at night with TWO people in the bed, which is great because she has ticks. Am using Cedar Oil in the casita and on her, seems to help. Plus Frontline and a flea/tick collar.  Going out on the boat with Ron in the morning, my first time. Will apply a Scopolamine patch tonight to prevent seasickness, supposed to be calm tomorrow. Wish me luck!