Sunday, April 25, 2010

Oh. My. God.

There have been 11 teens killed in Minnesota in the last week, none were wearing seat belts. I've been writing letters to editors all day today. It seems there is actually a sort of thought process in teens re: NOT wearing seat belts. It's peer pressure to be cool, to "take back control", almost a pact, similar to the girls who all decided to get pregnant together.

I'm fairly certain it would not occur to any of my grandchildren that it was OK to not use a seat belt: they've never left the driveway without being buckled in. How can it happen that these kids would think it's OK? Is there a parent in the background who swears he'd be dead now if he'd been wearing a seat belt when he rolled back in 1969? A parent-with-motorcycle who refuses to wear a helmet, espousing Big Brother meddling in personal freedoms?

Minnesota's had some stupid moments (Jesse Ventura, Michelle Bachmann) but this takes the cake.

If you have teens at home, I BEG you to sit them down NOW and make them watch these videos. ASK them about the "uncool" mindset re: seat belts. ASK if they use them, do their friends use them, have they been pressured to NOT use them.

These are graphic.

Accident One

Accident Two

Accident Three

Accident Four

Monday, April 5, 2010


This post is just bits and pieces that were still in my camera, plus a summing up of our winter in paradise.

Here is my new friend Alene. She's with Bob, one of Ron's fishing partners, and she and I have the BEST time making fun of our men.This photo was taken at our Club Deportivo (the Fishing Derby Awards and Talent Show) and the guys kept bringing us drinks even though we still had some. At this point, Alene had 3 gin and tonics to tackle.

Here are Darrell and Mitch at the same function.

We also had the full moon last week, and my pre-dawn view from the sofa was even more amazing than usual.
Driving through Kino, I can't help but love the bright colors they use! This store is called Babalu's!

Those immense Organ Pipe cacti started sprouting what looked like big zits, all on the south side. Then all in one day, they bloomed! Heavenly floral scented air.

We ate lunch one day at La Palapa, right on the beach in New Kino with a view of Alcatraz Island and the thatched palapas on the sand. Ron had fish tacos and I had the hamburger I'd been craving. The seagulls and sparrows help with anything you drop, too.

To sum up our Winter 2009/2010, I'm unable to say it was a good one. We arrived November 5, and my dog had to be euthanized December 5. I was grief-stricken through at least mid March, unable to take much pleasure out of life. I think I just wanted it to be over, that once I was back in Minnesota it wouldn't feel so bad. At the same time, I'm feeling some panic at leaving her here, like she'll feel abandoned. I know that's ridiculous, but...

There were lots of good memories, don't misunderstand. Good friends, laughs, fishing, beachcombing, great food, and much rest. I'm not looking forward to working this summer. I hate that job. But I AM eagerly anticipating seeing those little faces (grandkids), my friends, and MY RIVER. Here it is: