Monday, April 15, 2013

First week of retirement!

I think I've been busier than intended for a brand-new retiree, but none of it's been labor, really. It's been a great week, I did NOTHING I didn't truly want to do. What a concept!

Went to the beach about 5 times, mostly scavenging for shells and bones. Planning another lighted skull/bones wreath for the casita.

At least a dozen impromptu cocktail hours where friends drop by so we drop everything and sit and chat. Not that we're ever doing anything that we have to drop...

Had dinner at Pancho's Friday (Dos Caramelos, a Chimichanga, and Tecate cerveza)and lunch at Pargo Rojo yesterday (Scallops in butter/garlic, and a Michelada).

Went shopping the segundas in Calle Doce twice, needed shelves and hooks for the bathroom and shower. Didn't find much in that department, but tons-o-other crap. Sheepskin rug for $5! It doesn't even smell bad!

Jan makes these Redneck Wineglasses from crystal candlesticks and Mason Jars. I LOVE them! I'll take orders for her, message me if you want to buy some, $5.

Here we are at an impromptu cocktail hour, I believe this one was actually at an appropriate hour for cocktails. Sometimes they're in the morning...
Larry, Patricia, and Jan. I'm admiring my tan line.

Our ATV is out of commission until we get a new battery for it, apparently an unusual size unavailable here. Going home to Show Low for the weekend, will get one there. I've been riding around on the back of Jan's.

The outside of the casita addition got painted yesterday, along with the garage (which I found out is now referred to as THE BODEGA, not the garage.) Luis did it all in 3 hours. PLUS he brought pizza!

Street side with gravel pile

Ocean side

Bodega with junk pile from construction, and idle ATV.

Street side with bodega

Neighborhood dogs like to sit on my roof. (Click to enlarge this one.)
And this one's extra special: the exclusive Mexican shower electrical outlet!

Ocean side again, with garden. The littler dog on the roof is my Sofia.

 For those who haven't seen these on Facebook already, 

New bedroom

Bedroom, closet, and shower.

Red Wicker Dresser!

Still to come: the thatched palapa roof needs re-thatching. The inside (bedroom, closet, bath) still needs painting. Maybe a nice darker grassy green floor and medium blue walls? I still need that desk and shelving unit built by mi esposo, master woodworker (my crafts are all in the bodega). Need another closet rod. I need to decide if that electrical outlet IN the shower will be a problem. (I think if I put a towel rack above it, and a towel covers it, it'll be OK? It's a big shower, 5 X 6 feet and 9 feet high.) Need one of those over-the-toilet shelving rack things, because those walls are hay bale and won't hold anything heavy.

But most of all:    I WANT MY ATV!!!  

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

A Dialysis Nurse Retires

Found my cap!

After 36 years as a dialysis nurse, I only have two more shifts to work. Over the years, I've often been asked if I recommend this area of nursing as a career. I don't, never have.

  • It's physically demanding: long hours, no sit-down tasks, fast-paced and high stress. It's a young person's job, and I'm 60. When I was young, there were no 60 years old nurses still doing this. I really do pity the people that have to work with me. Sometimes.
  • It's really sad: 90% of the patients die. Usually within 5 years. There's no cure, only the hope of a transplant.
  • An outpatient hemodialysis clinic is not a very happy place, the patients all hate going there and it affects one's mood.
  • The money's good, but the health insurance is abysmal.

It's never boring, though. And if it gets too repetitive, there are many areas within nephrology nursing to try. My favorite job of all time? Pediatric Nephrology Coordinator at UCSD. Those kids and babies were delightful, for the most part, as were the Pediatric Nephrologists and other nurses.
Second favorite: Inservice nurse for the largest dialysis supplier. I got to fly somewhere Monday morning, train staff all week, fly home Fridays. Rarely had to see those people again.
Third favorite: teaching patients how to do dialysis at home. Except that one required too much on-call. I became their mother, and they had my phone number.
Least favorite: teaching staff to become dialysis Patient Care Techs. At least 3/4 of them wash out once they discover that actual work, thinking, planning, and responsibility are required.

I will not miss it, just the money. But thanks to Viet Nam, my spouse makes enough for us to live out our retirement on the beach in Mexico. Come visit us!
On the roof, watching the ocean.



On the roof again.