Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Here it is, all moved in!

Facebook Friends, you've seen these.

Non-essential boxes and excess furniture all stacked in the garage. Since these photos were taken, Ron installed a second air conditioner in the bedroom: I'd been sleeping in the trailer because the bedroom was too hot. It got to 115 IN THE SHADE here yesterday!

Living room with my Show Low Furniture. Note Sofia on sofa...

Trunk at foot of bed, holds sheets, and my stuffed cat. There's a red bedspread coming!

Ron's gigantic TV in a small room...

Looking toward kitchen, Knickelbein;s old recliner.
Our trailer, AKA Craft Central.

Trailer interior

Trailer interior

Need to find a TV for there. That's my Amigas with Cocktails picture!
The cat Luther is getting used to it all, and the dogs know he's mean. It's incredibly hot here: did I mention it was 115 in the shade yesterday? The AC's in the casita keep it between 80 and 85, but the trailer AC is frigid! Haven't been back to the beach because of the No-See-Ums. I read, watch TV, nap, repeat. Jaq, Larry, and Eileen visit, and I go check on the absent neighbors' plants periodically.

Just waiting, biding my time until mi amigas come home.


  1. I love your living room rug. The trailer looks nice. I would stay in there to, for the cooler. 115 is so hot.

  2. Your casita is darling! I love your rug, too. At first glance, I thought the floor was painted.

  3. Congrats on being moved and settled! It must feel good :D. Everything looks so nice. The trailer escape is a great idea that I may have to implement here someday!